LogoIf Cuisine is an art, then our Chef has mastered the magnificent canvas, we serve innovative cuisine from different regions of Nepal & India, with genuine, friendly hospitality served great vigor and enthusiasm.

As diverse as the landscape itself, naturally different ethnic groups' have their own unique style of living and cooking, with this sentiment in mind, our Chef has with brought you offerings of Nepal prepared with meticulous care here in United States.

"Good food for good time"

The demographics of Nepal lend itself into four distinct regions and influences with diffuse overlap, Pahadi (Mountain), Newari (Tribal) Himalayan (Tibet) and Terai (Indian), Each has its own use of  vibrant yet subtle spices and herbs Reviews of Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Reviews and they coalesce to form Nepalese Cuisine .

There is a vast variety of ingredients coupled with arrays of different cooking techniques, indeed diversity defines Nepal. Locals say that on a good clear day you can see a Sherpa feasting on the Everest peak in one direction and a hungry Indian dining on the terai plains in the other! Delano Miami Beach Hotel Reviews. We aim to display the diversity of Nepal to you unified by the joy of its cuisine using ingredients almost kissed by the pure Everest gangotri (droplets formed by freshly melted snow, millions of gangotris combine to form a trickle).